Why Illiterate Couple’s Marriage Last Longer Than Educated (Explained)

There is this common opinion, often time being raised wherever family life is being discussed.

“Why marriage of uneducated couples last longer than the educated couples?

“In fact, talking about marriage and divorce is one of the most asked questions of this century.

But, despite how popular it is, a lot of people do shy away from it because of how it indirectly speak about their married life.

Also, most times an answer is given as “It is because of their ignorance they can not differentiate what is good from what is bad”

So how true is this?

Why do marriage of Illiterate couples last longer than the Educated couples?

Before reading, I want you to drop your own point of view in the comment section below.

Are you done? Let’s continue.

One faithful night, this question was asked by one of the members of The Ideal Healthy Living Facebook group, and almost everybody agreed on the same thing but in different angles and dimensions.

So immediately I remember the following day. I went back to the group and gave my own opinion. Look at what I said;

If I may say I don’t think there is anywhere this is stated as fact.

Even though it seems to be an undeniable truth, base on its high occurrence in society.

But having said that, what I will say won’t differ much from what my bosses have stated above.

”You have a degree, I have a degree, you have your masters, I have mine too, and you expect me to obey while you command 😂”

In addition, the kind of exposure Western education has brought us is another issue. Throughout the (minimum) 15 years of education, people’s eyes have seen a lot to the extent of “what did I do that the world has not done before”, and therefore believe they can do anything even in their marital home….. moreover, Aye ku n she iru e ☹️

Finally, it is seen that most of this uneducated couple we are referring to are people of the olden days, our parents included, and the kind of patience and perseverance they had then is in no way compare to that of today. Because even the uneducated couples of today use ignorance+illiteracy to destroy their marriage.

The Ideal Healthy Living Facebook group

After this, I then sat down and think deeply about it.

If truly marriage of uneducated couples seems to last longer than the educated couple, what is then the cause?

Is it truly the lack of patience among the educated? Even some uneducated are not as patient as the educated.

Or is it because they both possess the same educational certificates?

Ok, what if all these are true. So how does it affect one’s marriage?

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After several brainstorming, I picked my jotter and went ahead to ask a married woman who happens to be educated.

At first, she stated that “it is not a fact that all illiterate couple’s marriage last longer than the educated couples in marriage, rather it should be perceived”

Hearing this I felt a great joy inside of me as this backed my earlier statement.

With the outstanding discussion we had, I came to the conclusion;

There are a lot of things that normally happen in the home of the so called educated couples that are by no means the reason for their short live marriage.

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But before then, I want to believe you already know what an educated and uneducated couple means.

Without further ado, Let’s get started.

Unable to perform home duties:

This is usually a result of overpampering. I don’t need to tell you where the cases of pampering are high between educated and uneducated families. And most of the time the problem comes from the wife’s parents as they might have already over pampered the child before giving her hands for marriage.

This problem might also be from the husband himself. When he unknowingly overpamper her wife especially while trying to show care. Therefore, she may find it hard to perform her regular duties or not even knowing how to perform some home duties as the case may be.

In case you don’t know, this is one of the reasons a lot of couples end up divorcing when the husband can no longer bear it anymore.

Reasons Marriage of Illiterate couples last longer than the Educated couples

Checking of partner’s phone:

In this world of the internet and social media, everybody is now equipped with at least a smartphone. But despite this, the technical know-how and high usage of it can only be seen among the educated ones as an uneducated person may find everything aside calling a difficult task to complete.

So, knowing how to operate this gadget has given both men and women the clearance to peep their partner’s phone in their absence, not knowing that the more you open to see, the more you doubt and the more trouble it will cause in your mind and your marriage.

Someone said and I quote “men’s phones are like an onion the more you peel the more you cry. “Why would you even think of checking your partner’s phone if you are not ready to accept what you’ll see.

Checking of partner's phone

Wife having higher social status:

Only a few are able to manage this kind of marriage, and that’s if she is really a sensible, obedient and respectful wife.

Yes, we’ve seen cases where the wife is richer than the husband and therefore she is the one providing for the family and yet there’s no fight.

But then it is best if the husband is the breadwinner of the family as it is supposed to be, at the same time possessing higher social status or educational qualification than the wife.

Resolving of dispute:

Another great advantage the uneducated get over the educated couples is that they don’t usually feel reluctant to take themselves to the elders of the family for marital counselling or even settling of greater dispute.

While the educated couples mostly have the mindset that those elders are a bunch of illiterates and therefore they will only add to their problem to them rather than resolving it.

In Conclusion

The marriage of uneducated couples tends to last longer than the educated couples does not necessarily mean all uneducated couples have long-lasting marriages.

But, it is a perceived opinion.

Even the issue of polygamous families and sometimes the inability to provide for the family is common among illiterate couples.

But, whenever this is giving the marriage headache, they will just report their selves at their various home where they will be summoned upon to settle the dispute.

But in the case of the educated couples each day we hear of different issues arising from newly married couples.

Today, they divorce because the bride keeps pressing toothpaste from the middle. Yesterday, another divorce was because the husband accused the wife of always checking his phone.

Even the day before yesterday was that of the husband not giving attention to the wife because of office work.

Western education, white-collar job, equal to no time.

Know if he or she is a cheater

If you know of any reason why the marriage of uneducated couples lasts longer than the educated couple, other than those we’ve mentioned let us know in the comment section.

Or probably you feel the whole story about illiterate couple’s marriage lasting longer than the educated couples is wrong. You can also put that in the comment section with your own proofed point.

Thanks for spending the time reading.

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