Aneeza Face Cream Review (Is it a good cream?)

I came across Aneeza Face Cream when I wanted nothing but to clear my pimples. I started searching all over the internet for a better face cream, I found so many creams but Aneeza Face Cream got my attention. After a series of searching, I found out that there is three Aneeza face cream.

  1. Aneeza Gold Beauty Cream
  2. Aneeza Whitening Cream
  3. Aneeza Gold Herbal Cream

So, I decided to give it a try, without even seeing a review. I used them for several months before I decided to make a change. Why did I change it? I did not change it because it doesn’t cure my pimple in fact it does very well but I just had to make a change because of a reason I’ll be mentioning later in this post.

Throughout the months I used both the Aneeza Whitening Cream and Aneeza Gold Beauty Cream I’ve never seen a face cream as effective as these two. However, does that mean it has no side effects?

In this post, I’ll be reviewing the three Aneeza Face Creams, but I must say I’m not that familiar with the gold herbal.

We’ll take a look at its ingredients, its functions and side effects on the skin. Note that this review may seem biased as this is based on my own personal experience. Without further ado let’s get started!

Aneeza Face Cream Review

As earlier mentioned, Aneeza face cream is of three types gold beauty cream, whitening cream and herbal cream.

Now, let’s take a look at each of them and see their functions;

  1. Aneeza Gold Beauty Cream promises to removes acne, pimples, spots and dark circle
  2. Aneeza Whitening Cream that makes the skin beautiful, younger and spot free
  3. Aneeza Gold Herbal Cream which is for glowing skin

Aneeza face cream clears blackheads and sunburns. Aneeza not only does that but clears black spots which result from picking pimples.

This face cream is made in Pakistan and it’s incredible in getting rid of any form of hyperpigmentation. It is formulated with powerful ingredients that do everything that is written on it. It is also suitable for all skin types.

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Can Dark People use it?

If you are dark or chocolate skin in complexion, do bear in mind that Aneeza gold beauty cream lightens and brightens up your skin. So, your face may not match the colour of the rest of your body.

In conclusion, aneeza gold beauty cream really works in treating skin conditions but I wouldn’t recommend it to ebony or caramel skin people because it gives a bleaching effect to their skin.

Aneeza Face Cream Ingredients

Another thing I love about Aneeza faces creams is that they contain mostly natural products which are safe for the skin.

For example, the Aneeza gold beauty cream has its key ingredient be Avocado & Aloe Vera which are known to be very effective pimples removal. It also contains Kojic Acid, Bee wax, Herbal extracts, sunscreen agents, emulsifier preservatives and F&D colour.

While the Aneeza Whitening Cream contains Saffron & Milk protein which are known to help add value to your existing skin. Saffron is a plant-based compound that if when applied to the face lightens the face, promotes radiant and smooth skin.

Aneeza Face Cream Side Effects

Though I love how it worked on my skin, and most importantly that contain natural ingredients. But I must confess after using it for a long period I started noticing my face turning red, though I was told it was because I used too much of it yet I just don’t seem comfortable using it any longer.

Does Aneeza cream Contain Mercury or Hydroquinone?

No, Aneeza gold cream doesn’t contain either mercury or hydroquinone. If you wondering what are mercury and hydroquinone? They are the two most common ingredients used in bleaching creams.

Does Aneeza Face Cream Clear Pimples and Sunburn?

Yes, Aneeza face cream clears pimples and sunburns. In fact, after two weeks of using I started seeing great changes. It gets rid of my pimple and then starts clearing the dark spot that was caused as a result of picking the pimples.

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How To Use Aneeza Beauty Cream?

Press the bottom of the tube to force the cream out of it. Rub the cream on both palms till it is evenly dispersed and rub on the affected part. If applying on the face you may apply evenly all over the face to give a uniform complexion. Use moderately and stop using in case of any reaction.

How To Know Original Aneeza Face Cream?

One thing I hate about good cream is that they always have imitators trying to pirate their work. And the problem we (end users) always face is that once we buy and use the fake one it either doesn’t work or turn the skin into something else. If you are also like me that always want to know the difference between original and fake products then you should note that the original Aneeza cream has its numbers and the name boldly imprinted at the bottom of the container while the fake doesn’t.

Another difference can be vividly seen in this picture.

FB IMG 1646661282239 1

Aneeza Face Cream Price in Nigeria

Aneeza face cream is averagely sold for N2000 in Nigeria. So, overall, given the price difference, the awesome face cream, and the overall usefulness, Aneeza wins my money in this face-off.

Though, this cream is actually costly to an average Nigerian who is struggling to put food on the table and may also not be pocket friendly for some students. But considering its effectiveness it is worth it.

Where To Buy Aneeza Face Cream?

You can buy Aneeza face cream from any reputable cosmetics shop.

How Good Is Aneeza Gold Beauty Cream?

The most useful feature, though, is the ability to cure pimples and get rid of dark spots in such a short period of time. It clears sunburns and other skin infections but may leave you a red face if you overuse it.

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