Asantee Soap Review with Side Effects

I was sitting right on my sofa when I got this question from someone in my Facebook group “Does Asantee soap has hydroquinone?” I answered No! Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap is an organic skin lightening soap made with mainly natural ingredients such as Papaya (pawpaw), Honey, and Coconut Oil.

Asantee papaya and honey soap still remain one of the most common skin lightening soaps. Papaya and honey extract is capable of clearing black spots on the face. It works faster and is much more effective than other skin lightening soaps. With the combination of papaya and honey in this soap, you are promised to have brighter, lighter skin in the next few weeks.

A Quick Review on Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap

Type:         Lightening soap

Normal price:      #500


  • It lightens the skin
  • It brightens the skin the tone
  • It clears black spots
  • It helps get rid of pimples and acne


If you are looking to get a decent skin lightening soap, Asantee soap is worth the trial. As you keep on reading this review, you’ll discover the Pros and Cons of using Asantee papaya and honey soap.

In this Asantee papaya and honey soap review, I’ll be walking you through the soap ingredient and also help reveal to you whether the soap is worth buying or not

Features: Comes with a strong natural skin lightening ingredient that can’t be found in other Skin lightening soaps in the market

Price: Bit on the same level with other lightening soap.

Effectiveness: It is a very effective soap that lightens the skin in such a small period of time.

Why Should You Use Asantee Soap?

Asantee papaya and honey soap is a lightening soap that works magically and it does that with the help of papaya and honey.

My Personal Experience with Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap

I was given Asantee papaya and honey soap as a gift since I’m a light person but I did not use it because I have an already made soap I’m using and I wouldn’t want the soap to conflict with each other. Instead, I also gave it out to a friend of mine who is also lighten skinned because giving a dark person may be a sign of wickedness.

God so good it matches the time she wanted to change her soap, so she couldn’t get to ask me many questions on whether it’s good or not. Meanwhile, I will have even shunned her because I myself don’t know.

She started using it the next day. And two weeks later call to thank me. “It works perfectly” she added.

She used it as instructed and it clears her dark spots and lightens her complexion. The following I got a call early in the morning that the soap is making her red. I was shocked at this because she already testifies its effectiveness, why now?

But I just told her to reduce the usage if she uses it 2 times daily, she should reduce it to one. Her face could have been red because she is overusing it or the soap is just getting familiar with skin.

A week after it started bringing back her original skin colour with 2 shades lightening with no appearance of redness in her face.

After she used Asantee papaya and honey soap for a month, this is what I found about Asantee soap. Let’s start with where the wonderful soap originates from.

Where is Asantee papaya and honey soap produced?

If you are looking for the original Asantee papaya and honey soap, you need to know where it’s produced. Asantee papaya and honey soap are also manufactured in Thailand like K-brothers soap.

These and all are what is written on the carton and on the leaflet inside.

Who is Asantee papaya and honey soap for?

Asantee papaya and honey soap contain papaya and honey which makes it suitable for all dark spots, blemishes and acne. Please note that this soap is meant only for adults and not for babies and kids.

Asantee papaya and honey soap Ingredients

Asantee papaya and honey soap contain several ingredients including natural and unnatural materials but all are safe for the skin. Although, it has its main ingredient be papaya and honey.

This soap contains Papaya, Honey, Vitamin C, Q10, AHA, Coconut Oil, Collagen and Fragrance. With the help of vitamin C, your skin will become better, whiter and healthy.

How to Use Asantee papaya and honey soap Soap?

Wet face with water, then gently scrub on the affected parts. Massage the creamy bubbles on the skin with fingers and gently rinse it off gently. You should order careful this should not get into your eyes.

In order to see its quick result, it is advised to use it as a mask i.e., leave the creamy bubble on the face for an hour and wash it afterwards. Another thing I’ll want to emphasise is to make sure you cut your soap into small pieces. Not that really small, at least a size that you can hold. The reason is the soap melt so fast. So, you can either cut it into two or four.

When will I start seeing result?

You should use it for at least three weeks before checking to see any significant result, in her own case she started seeing results in two weeks’ time. But if you exfoliate before using, you start seeing results earlier.

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Asantee papaya and honey soap Side Effects

The only side effect we found is the redness of the face. Meanwhile, if you notice any reaction against the soap starts off by reducing its usage. The soap might be too harsh on the skin when you apply it every time.  But the reaction persists be stop the usage.

Is Asantee papaya and honey soap a Bleaching Soap?

No, Asantee is not a bleaching soap.

Does Asantee papaya and honey soap Contain Hydroquinone?

No, Asantee soap doesn’t contain hydroquinone or mercury.

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Does Asantee papaya and honey soap Lightens the Skin?

Yes, Asantee papaya and honey clear the black spot and lighten the skin complexion.

How Good Is Asantee papaya and honey soap?

Asantee papaya and honey soap are very good when it comes to skin lightening, clearing dark spots, acne, pimples, blemishes, sunburns, freckles but not stretch marks.

How to Know the Original Asantee papaya and honey Soap?

So far, I haven’t come across the fake Asantee soap unlike the popular k-brothers and nano soap. But you should remember that the soap is bright orange and it’s made in Thailand.

Asantee papaya and honey soap Price in Nigeria

Although price depends on where you are buying from. But there is no difference in the price of Asantee papaya soap, K-brothers carrot soap and their other competitor. They mostly cost #500 which is pocket friendly.

Where Can I buy Asantee papaya and honey soap?

Although I’ve not come across any Fake Asantee soap you may need to be extra careful when it comes to buying any lightening soap because imitators are too much out there. There is no how you can fully deal with piracy when your product is good.

However, you can buy the original soap from any trusted or reputable cosmetic store. The best though is through Amazon, the world’s largest, most trusted online marketplace.

Asantee Papaya and Honey soap: Things I like about it

  1. It is very effective for black spot
  2. It treats pimple and acne
  3. Lightens/Brightens the skin
  4. Deep cleanses the skin pores
  5. It’s soft on hand and forms creamy bubble in no time
  6. You can see result as fast two weeks
  7. It has a mild scent

Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap: Things I didn’t like about it

1.       It stings the picked pimple on the face (though it’s a sign it’s working) result

2.       It melts quickly thereby making one exhaust the soap right before seeing

3. Though it works faster but may take time before you start seeing your desired result.

4.       Once you stop using it you may experience uneven colour with a red face

Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap Review: Bottom Line

Asantee soap is a good soap when it comes to clearing black spots and skin lightening. It comes with some extra features such as clearing of pimples, acne, blemishes and even smoothening of the face.

Although, it may take a while before you start seeing results it actually works well if you use it responsibly.

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