Before and After JRA Cream Side Effects (Must Read!)

What are the before and after side effects of JRA Foundation Cream? Right before you buy this body cream, you need to read this. Although written on it is THE BEST, what about using it, is it actually the best?

JRA cream is a lightening/brightening body cream that also works great for pimples, acne and sunburn. The principal function of this cream is to clear any form of dark spots on the body be it on the face, elbow, knuckles or underarms.

Type Lightening Body Cream
Normal price #750
Functions It lightens the skin
It clears any form of dark spot
It brightens the skin and brings back its original colour
It smoothens the skin
It helps get rid of pimples and acne

If you are looking to clear your dark spot and get a decent skin lightening, the cream is crucial. As you keep on reading this review, you’ll discover how good JRA cream is. Let’s get started!

Why do you need a lightening Cream?

This question may be a bit tricky, but as with many your face must have been seriously dealt with by pimples that turn black spots or you have sunburn while like some, you may want to change your skin colour probably a bit lighter than before.

Either you start up with a lightening soap or lightening cream, you’ll get your desired result.

The dangers of Investing in Lightening Cream

To be candid, investing in lightening cream has its pros and cons. For example; Part of its benefit is that it lightens your skin as promised, works faster in some cases and in some cases makes you feel proud among your friends.

But when you look at its danger, on the other hand, you’ll see it out-weighed the benefits. For example;

  1. Once you start you have to continue using it in order to maintain that skin color therefore, you’ll continue reinvesting in lightening cream till eternity which is a whole lot of money. (I’m not trying to be too harsh)
  2. The inability to choose the best lightening cream at a pick will make you go after several and several lightening cream which may actually damage your skin before you find the perfect one (although there is no perfect cream)
  3. No, going back! Even if you’re broke you just can’t to stop using lightening cream anytime you want (once the skin has adapted to it) else you may experience some reactions or change in skin color.

Don’t get me wrong I’m balder dashing using a lightening cream here I’m only trying to tell you that you could save more money if you learn how to make your own skincare product, be it a soap, or cream or even oils. Rather than investing in some products that may not get you your desired result.

Haven’t said that, let’s continue!

Where is JRA Cream produced?

JRA cream which is made to lighten up your skin tone is produced is ghana.

JRA Cream Ingredients

Almond Oil, White Oil, Bee Wax, Petroleum Jelly, Glycerol, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Shea Butter, Tearic Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, Honey, Dyes, Fragrance and Water.

Does JRA Cream Contain Hydroquinone?

No, JRA cream does not contain hydroquinone.

How To Use JRA Face Cream?

Put some of the creams on your palm. Rub the cream on both palms till it is evenly dispersed, rub on the body and gently massage. If applying on the face you should apply evenly all over the face to give a uniform complexion. You may try and avoid extreme sunlight after use.

Avoid contact with eyes and flush immediately with water in case of emergency.

How long will I use it before I see result?

If you are not like me, hoping to see a result in two days’ time you should use it for at least three weeks before checking to see any significant result, in my own case I started seeing results the following week when I started using it but that may be because my black spot is not that much. So, if yours is also not much, and you are light complex like me then expect changes soon.

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Before and after side effects of Original JRA cream

Before I start using JRA cream I have pimples all over my face and that is the main reason why I bought this cream to clear my pimple. But after using it, it clears off my pimple and I also became 2 shades lighter.

The side effect I noticed was that my face was lighter than my neck which was a bit disgusting. But I take the blame because I concentrated more on the face rather than on the whole body.

But it did wonders by clearing my dark knuckles and I love that if you also want to clear dark knuckles give it a try. But make sure to remove dead skin cells by exfoliating the affected part.

Is JRA Cream a Bleaching Cream?

First, you need to get some things right, lightening, whitening and bleaching mean the same in skincare. But people’s thought is that only the negative effect is what is referred to as bleaching.

Therefore, since JRA cream is a lightening cream it’s a bleaching cream.

Is JRA Cream good for dark skin?

JRA cream is not good for dark skin people. If you are very dark in complexion you may need to stay away from JRA cream because it will lighten up your skin.

Is JRA cream good for stretch marks?

No, JRA cream is not meant for stretch marks. However, if it were to be only the thin dark lines that remain it may help fade it away.

Does JRA cream clears dark knuckle?

Yes, JRA is good for cleaning dark knuckles. If you want it to be more effective, scrub the affected part before using it.

Does JRA cream clears sunburn?

Yes, JRA cream clears sunburn.

Does JRA cream treat pimple?

Yes, JRA cream works greatly on pimples and acnes.

How much is JRA Cream?

JRA body cream is very cheap. It cost #750 naira. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t rely on the price we give here as the price varies according to your location.

Where Can I buy JRA Cream?

Be very careful when buying JRA Cream because of counterfeit products.

However, you can buy the original soap from any trusted or reputable cosmetic store. The best though is through Amazon, the world’s largest, most trusted online marketplace.

Benefits of JRA Cream: Things I like about it

  1. It is very effective for black spot
  2. It treats pimple and acne
  3. It also clears blackhead and white head
  4. It works on blemishes
  5. It clears sunburn
  6. It clears dark knuckles if you practice scrubbing

JRA Cream: Things I didn’t like about it

  1. The cream is actually small
  2. It hurt any bruise or picked pimple on the face (though it’s a sign it’s working)
  3. Once you stop using it pimple may return.

How good is JRA Cream: Bottom Line

JRA cream is a good cream for clearing of black spot and skin lightening. It comes with some extra features such as clearing of pimple, acne, blemishes and even smoothening of the face.

Although, it may take a while before you start seeing result but it actually works best giving that it the skin gets an even color and not just some shady yellow and brown.

Now, I’d like to hear from you

So, that’s my review

Now I want to hear about your experience with JRA cream

What do you like about it?

What do you think they need to improve?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

  • Abdulbasit


  • JRA face cream made me have 3 colors on my face and body without removing the pimples and darkspot

    • Sorry about that Chi. The said JRA cream seems not to be working well as before, in fact, you’re lucky you didn’t get an acne breakout. Having said that, if you still need to get rid of your pimples and dark spot consider using a skincare product that contains either RETINOL or SALICYLIC acid.

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