Bronze Tone Cream Review

Bronze Tone Cream is another naturally formulated moisturizing cream formulated from cocoa butter and honey extracts. Bronze tone cream is a hydrating and nourishing lotion that makes your skin softer and smoother.

This milk-enriched moisturizer is produced in a gentle manner to provide natural firming and whitening. This cream works for all skin type has it’s good in maintaining skin color.

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Where is it Produced?

Bronze tone cream is produced in Abidjan, by a company Np Gandour.

Bronze Tone Cream Ingredients

Stearic Acid, Glycerine, Cocoa Butter, Citric Acid and Honey Extracts.

Does Bronze Tone Contain Hydroquinone?

No, it doesn’t contain hydroquinone.

Is Bronze Tone a Bleaching Cream?

No, it is not a bleaching cream.

Is Bronze Tone good or dark skin?

Yes, bronze tone cream is good for dark skin and chocolate skin.

Bronze Tone Cream Side Effects

  1. It causes eczema.
  2. It causes green veins.
  3. It causes stretch marks.
  4. It causes dark knuckles.

How Effective Is Bronze Tone Lotion?

It is an effective lotion that progressively tones the skin and quickly brightens the face.

How To Use Bronze Tone Lotion?

Put some of the cream on hand. Rub the cream on both palms till it is evenly dispersed and rub on the affected part. If applying to the face, you should apply evenly all over the face to give a uniform complexion.

How to Know the Original Bronze Tone Cream?

The company logo on the original bronze tone is sky blue in colour while the fake is brown in colour.

Bronze Tone Cream Price in Nigeria

A bronze tone is exclusively available for N1800.

Where Can I Buy Bronze Tone cream?

You should be careful when buying any cream or soap because there are too many out there. However, you can buy the original creams and soaps from any trusted and reputable cosmetic store.

Why do you need this cream?

As with many, your face must have been seriously dealt with by pimples that turns black spots or sunburn or any other skin infection while like some, you may want to change your skin color probably a bit lighter than before and that’s what this cream promised to do.

The Dangers of Using Just any cream

You could be doing yourself more harm than good if you continue investing your money on some cheap and quack products. In fact, most people end up damaging their skin while trying to save their pockets. Why would someone risk that knowing that the skin is where we live?

Understand that I’m not bad-mouthing any product here, but rather a piece of general advice that you should be very careful of what you use on your skin. That a friend is using it, or people are using it is not enough reason for you to use a skincare product. There are lots of harsh products out there hiding under the umbrella of branding.

Anyway, we’ve handpicked some of the best products here and what they are best used for. Check it out

Is it advisable to use products from an unpopular brand?

Several times, we’ve seen these small brands (which you may refer to as unpopular brands) beat some so-called big (popular) brands, at least in terms of effectiveness, if not in terms of cost. For example; you cannot compare a pimple set or lightening set that is specially made for a specific group of people with creams that are produced having everyone in mind. Nah! We have different skin types and colours.

While you may be seeing it as unpopular brand it may only be because you’ve never come across it. The trusted among them does wonders!

These are some of the advantages a big brand has over a smaller brand

  1. Most of their creams are cheap and may help save your pocket.
  2. They can easily be found in most cosmetics shop.
  3. Since they are big, they have the resource to promote their products everywhere
  4. And yes, most of them works very well

Now, let’s look at the other side of it. I.e., the disadvantages of using the popular brand.

  1. Big brands are after the populace, they are not keeping me and you in mind, they see us as buyer not as client. Meaning if it’s meant for you keep using it if not stay away, they don’t care
  2. They do not provide consultation for those that needs special skin treatment (and if there is, they are not easily reachable or very costly) unlike these small brands that’ll recommend a set that’s specifically made for you
  3. Most of them uses harsh chemicals in the production of their product, thereby causing series of side effects
  4. Inability to choose the best cream at a pick will make you go after several cream which may actually damage your skin before you find the perfect one for you
  5. These big brands left us to nobody therefore we see sellers as our therapist

Don’t also forget that some small brands out there are also after your money instead of focusing on building a name for themselves. And at the end either they end up producing low quality or not taking their client into consideration.

Two things you should do is either you find the best skincare plug that’ll take care of your skin issues by providing for you the best product for your skin type and color or learn how to make your own skincare product, be it a soap, cream or even oils from an Expert in skincare formulation. The ball is in your court!

So, that’s my review

Now I want to hear about your experience with this cream

What do you like about it?

What do you think they need to improve?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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