Side Effects of CT Plus Cream

Clear Therapy cream which is mostly called CT Plus Cream is a milk-based cream that was made to treat pigmentation issues. It is a skin-lightening lotion that evens out your skin tone and makes it look beautiful. It also gets rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth, bright, and glowing.

Different Clear Therapy Creams

  • Clear Therapy Lait Clarifiant Intense: With an all-white container is an extra lightening lotion
  • Clear Therapy Lait Clarifiant Intense (With orange cover top): This nutrient-rich cream is blended with carrot oil. This is the most popular among them.
  • Clear Therapy golden glow: Has a brown container and is designed to even the skin tone.
  • Clear Therapy Gluta C: It has glutathione and vitamin C as its main ingredients and has an all-red container.

What’s the point of this cream?

As with many people, your face has probably been badly hurt by a pimple that turned into a black spot, a sunburn, or another skin infection. Like some people, you may also want to change the color of your skin, probably to make it a bit lighter than it was before, and this cream promised to do just that.

How Bad It Is to Use Just Any Cream?

If you keep spending money on cheap and useless products, you might be hurting yourself more than helping. In fact, most people who try to save money end up hurting their skin instead. Why would someone do that if they knew that we live on our skin?

Know that I’m not saying anything bad about any product here. I’m just telling you in general to be very careful about what you put on your skin. You shouldn’t use a skin care product just because a friend does or because other people do. Under the cover of branding, there are a lot of harsh products out there.

Anyway, we’ve chosen some of the most popular and best products and explained what they’re best for.

Is it a good idea to buy from a small brand?

We’ve seen these small brands, which you might call “unpopular brands,” beat some “big” brands, at least in terms of how well they work, if not in terms of price.

For example, you can’t compare a set for treating pimples or lightening your skin with a set of creams that are made to treat everything and everyone. Nah! We all have different types and colours of skin.

You might think it’s not a popular brand, but that could just be because you’ve never heard of it. The one they can count on does amazing things!

Here are some of the reasons why a big brand is better than a small one.

  1. Most of their creams are inexpensive, which can help you save money.
  2. They are easy to find in most cosmetics stores.
  3. Since they are big, they have the means to advertise their products everywhere.
  4. Some of them do work really well.

Le’s take a look at the other side of it. I.e., the drawbacks of using a well-known brand.

  • 1. Big brands want to make money. They make us care more about the group than about our own needs. Because they’re only there to make money.
  • 2. They don’t see us as clients, but as buyers. That is, if it’s for you, use it, but if it’s not, don’t bother, they don’t care.
  • 3. These big companies didn’t give us anyone to talk to about our skin care, so we see the sellers as our therapists. Most of them make their products with harsh chemicals, which have a number of negative effects.
  • 4. If you can’t choose the best cream right away, you’ll have to try a lot of them, which could hurt your skin, before you find the right one.
  • 5. They don’t offer consultations for people with special skincare needs (and if they do, they are hard to reach or very expensive), whereas small brands that will recommend a set that is made just for you.
  • 6. There’s no way to send them feedback and suggestions, so they keep making the same mistakes.

All of these things and more are what these wonderful brands you see as small brands are all about. They care most about how our skin looks and feels. Don’t forget that some small brands are also trying to get your money instead of focusing on building their own names.

And in the end, they either make things that aren’t very good or don’t care about their clients. Find the best skincare plug that will take care of your skin problems by giving you the best product for your skin type and colour, or learn how to make your own skincare product, like soap, cream, or even oils, from an expert in skincare formulation. You have the ball now.

Ingredients for CT Plus Cream

Below are the ingredients common in all the CT+ Cream;

  • Aqua (Purified Water)
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Liquid Petroleum
  • Stearic acid
  • Glycerin
  • Fruit acids (AHA)
  • Kojic Acid
  • Allantoin
  • Silicon Oil
  • BHT
  • Lorol C16
  • Lorol C18
  • Parfum (fragrance)

While these below ingredients are what differentiate each type of CT+ plus creams

  • Carrot Oil
  • Argan oil and honey
  • Glutathione and vitamin C
  • Hydroquinone max 2%

Possible Side Effects of Ct+ Cream

  • Stretch marks
  • Sunburn
  • Dark knuckles
  • Change in skin colour or discoloration
  • Eczema
  • Green veins

Is CT Plus a Cream to Lighten Skin?

Yes, Ct Plus cream that whitens the skin.

Is Hydroquinone in CT Plus Cream?

Yes, CT+ plus contains 2% hydroquinone.

What’s the quality of CT Plus cream?

It’s a great cream that will clear up your skin and make it look very nice.

How Should Clear Therapy Lotion Be Used?

Put some of the creams on the palm of your hand. Rub the cream between your hands until it’s spread out evenly, then rub it on the hurt area. If you’re putting it on your face, spread it out evenly so that your skin tone looks the same everywhere.

Then, gently massage it all over your body until it’s completely absorbed.

What I like about CT Plus cream

  • I like that it has natural ingredients.
  • It makes the skin lighter and gets rid of spots in a gentle way.
  • It smells great.
  • It has different types you can pick from
  • A simple cream that doesn’t have any major side effects

Things about CT Plus cream that I don’t like

  • One major thing I dislike about this cream is that it has lots of side effects
  • It makes you sweat profusely

Final Review:

In the end, CT+ Plus Cream is good for people who want to lighten their skin without worrying about discoloration, or any other side effects. This cream makes the skin lighter and seems to work on all types and colors of skin. But like most creams, it has its problems, such as stretch marks, green veins, and sometimes delays before it works.

Take note that just because this cream makes some people sick doesn’t mean it will do the same to you. I can say for sure that’s true. So, this review isn’t meant to scare you away from your prospect cream or ruin anyone’s product. So, think it over carefully. Also, the worst cream for one person is the best cream for another.

The price of CT Plus Cream

In grocery stores and beauty shops, the small size costs N1300 and the large size costs N2400.

Where can I get Clear Therapy Cream?

Because there are so many fakes out there, you may need to be extra careful when you buy creams or soaps. When your product is good, you can’t stop people from pirating it. But you can get the real creams and soaps from our store or from any other reputable cosmetics store.

Meanwhile, this review isn’t meant to scare you away from your prospect cream or ruin anyone’s product. It’s just an honest review from me and the people around me.

So, think it over carefully. Also, the worst cream for one person is the best cream for another. I’d love to hear from you now. Now I want to know what you thought of this cream. What about it do you like? How do you think they can get better? Leave a comment below right now to tell me.

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