Extract Soap Review: Pictures of Fake Extract and Side effects

Are you looking to clear your pimples, acne, or blemishes? Then look nowhere else, because this soap right in front of you will be your only saviour.

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In today’s post we’ll be reviewing the popular extract soap, what it’s used for, its ingredients, side effects (if any), and how to differentiate between the Original and the Fake Extract Soap. Let’s get started!

Extract Soap is a skin lightening soap or a dark spot removal soap that’ll even out your skin and bring your skin back to normal. This Philippines soap helps exfoliate dead skin cell, treat pimples and acnes impurities and excess oil from your skin gives you a uniform and beautiful complexion.

This soap will smoothen, soften and even out your skin to give you a uniform complexion that is refreshed and flawless. It contains natural ingredients and it is suitable for all skin types.

Type Lightening soap/Dark spot corrector
Normal price #700
Functions It clears black spot It lightens the skinIt brightens the skin and bring back it original colorIt smoothens the skinIt helps get rid of pimple and acne
Competitors K-brothers carrot Soap,Nano soap, K-brothers papaya soap, Kojie San Soap, Kojic White ,Asantee soap

Where Is Extract Soap Manufactured?

If you are looking for the original Extract soap, you need to know where it’s produced. Extract soap is originally made in the Philippines by Splash Care.

Who is Extract soap for?

Extract soap is suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. It contains pawpaw extract and lemon extract which makes it suitable for pimples and dark spot.

Please note that this soap is meant only for adult and not for babies and kids.

Original Extract Soap Ingredients (Philippines Made)

Sodium Salt of Distiled Palm/Palm Kernel, Fatty Acid, Aqua, Gluconolactone, Potassium Lactate, Salicylic Acid, Fragrance, Sodium Silicate, Glycerin, Niacinamide, PEGPPG 22/23 Dimethioone, Hydraxypropyl Methylcelulose, Propylene Glycol, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Citrofortunella Microcarpe (Calamansi) Fruit Extract, BHT, CI 77891, C147000 and Cl15985.

Extract Soap Side Effects

Our skins are different therefore what works for Mr. A may not work for Mr. B because some factors are not constant. Some of these factors that influence different skin infections we have are diet, water, personal hygiene, hormonal imbalance and physical activities few to be mentioned.

However, the Original Extract does not have any side effects.

Is Extract Soap Good for The Face?

Yes, it is very good on the face.

Is Extract Soap Good for Dark skin?

Hmm, I’ll say yes and no. And here is my reason; a dark skin person can use extract soap if s/he plans to use it to treat pimples or acne only and has no intention of lightening. That way s/he will discontinue the usage immediately after the skin infection is treated.

So, extract soap is not meant to be used for a long period of time by a dark person.

Is Extract Soap a Lightening Soap?

Yes, Extract soap is a lightening soap.

Does Extract Soap Contain Hydroquinone?

No, extract soap contains no hydroquinone.

Does Extract Soap Remove Pimples?

Yes, extract soap clears pimples from the skin. In fact, there is no soap that can remove pimple and dark spot as a soap with lemon and papaya combined does.

Does Extract Soap Remove Dark Spots?

Yes, extract soap is clears dark spots in no time.

Does Extract Soap bleach?

No, extract soap doesn’t bleach instead it clear dark spot and gently lightens the skin.

How To Use Extract Soap?

Wet face with water, then gently scrub on the affected parts. Massage the creamy bubbles on the skin with fingers and gently rinse it off gently. You should be careful this should not get into your eyes.

In order to see its quick result, it is advised to use two times daily. Another thing I’ll want to emphasis on is make sure you cut your soap into small pieces. Not that really small, at least a size that you can hold. Reason is the soap melt so fast. So, you can either cut it into two or four.

How To Identify Fake Extract Soap?


The fake one has Arabic translation written on the pack while the original extract soap doesn’t.

Picture Of Fake Extract Soap:


Picture Of Original Extract Soap:


How Much Is Extract Soap in Nigeria?

It cost N700 in markets and cosmetics shops.

Where Can I Buy Extract Soap?

You may need to be extra careful when it comes to buying Extract soap because its imitators are too many out there. There is no way you can fully deal with privacy when your product is good.

However, you can buy the original soap from any trusted or reputable cosmetic store. Best though is through Amazon, the world’s largest, most trusted online market place. Follow by the Nigerians most popular e-commerce website- Jumia.

Extract soap: Things I like about it

  1. It is very effective for black spot
  2. It treats pimple and acne
  3. It has a long-lasting scent
  4. It gently exfoliates dead skin cell
  5. It smoothens the skin and unifies the skin tone
  6. It’s soft on hand and forms creamy bubble in no time
  7. You can see result as fast two weeks
  8. It’s made with fruit extract

Extract soap: Things I didn’t like about it

  1. Due to the lemon extract, it soothes any bruises or pimples on the face.
  2. It doesn’t last and may finish as fast a week

Extract soap Reviews in Nigeria: Bottom Line

If not the best, Extract soap is one of the best dark spot removal and skin lightening soap in Nigeria. It comes with some extra features such as clearing of pimple, acne, blemishes and even smoothening of the face but with little to no side effects.

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