Fair And White Soap Review

Fair and white soap is a powerful exfoliating soap made specifically with Savon Aha-2. It works in two ways to thoroughly clean the skin pores and regenerate the skin, leaving it looking young, clear, and healthy. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which comprise a number of chemical compounds, are added to make it more richer. One of them is lactic acid, a potent exfoliating agent that inhibits tyrosinase and prevents the production of colored pigments.

Another exfoliating ingredient in this soap is apricot seed powder, which lightens and brightens the skin by micro-abrasion. This soap creates a thick lather and fully deep cleans your skin pores. It easily gets rid of rough skin and removes dead cells to expose a youthful, radiant, smooth, and healthy-looking skin underneath. Your skin becomes fairer, lighter, cleaner, and more evenly toned as a result.

It is not advised to use fair and white savon aha-2 soap on the face or any other sensitive area of the body because it is strong and very active. The same company’s fair and white cream, fair and white facial cream, and fair and white shower gel are all excellent goods.

Ingredients in Fair and white soap

  1. Tetrasodium Etidronate
  2. Tetrasodium EDTA
  3. Sodium Palmate
  4. Sodium Palm Kernelate
  5. Sodium Chloride
  6. Hexyl Cinnamal
  7. Citronellol Hydroxyisohexyl-3-Cyclohexene Eugenol
  8. Geraniol
  9. CL77891, CL11680, and CL12490 Water
  10. Glycerin
  11. Methylparaben
  12. Propylparaben
  13. Sodium Dehydroacetate

Effects of fair and white soap:

Fair and white soap has no negative side effects.

Benefits of Fair and White Soap:

  • Fair and white soap lightens the skin.
  • The soap also exfoliate the skin. 
  • It Effectively lathers the skin. 
  • Fair and white soap also makes the skin smooth.
  • Lastly it removes dead skin cells and improves the complexion of the skin.

How to use Fair and White Soap:

Apply the soapy bubbles you create on your palm on your moist face. Gently massage on your skin, then rinse. After using a towel to pat your skin dry, moisturize well.

Fair and white soap varieties

  • Fair & White Black Soap
  • Fair & White Oat Milk Soap
  • Fair & White Shea Butter Soap
  • Fair & White Exclusive – White Exfoliating Soap

What White and Fair Soap Is Best For Dark Skin?

People with chocolate and dark complexion should use Miss White Exfoliating Soap and Fair & White Exclusive – White Exfoliating Soap.

How To Recognize original Fair & White Soap:

The logo has a distinct visual difference. You’ll notice that the woman’s head and face have a lot of white parts on the original product, and the white is fairly vivid.

The fake one’s white section color is drab and sparse because the blue hue predominates over it. The fake logo is either extremely enormous or extremely little.

Read the barcode by turning the pack on its side. The numbers should be visible on them. There is a different number on each side from the others.

No alphabets are present in the code at all. If there is an alphabet on it or if you are unable to differentiate the distinct numerals, the item is phony.

Price Of Fair and white soap in Nigeria

Fair and white soap cost N1500 in markets and cosmetics stores. It can also be purchased on Konga or Jumia.

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