How to Make Liquid Soap in Nigeria With Pictures (2022)

Making high quality liquid soap here in Nigeria isn’t that hard, and the reward can be as high as 10k profit in the first month. You’ll find out that becoming a liquid soap formulator and starting your own liquid soap business in Nigeria is a great way to make passive income in 2022.

In this post, I’ll take you through the steps on how to make liquid soap in Nigeria from scratch to finish. I’ll teach you:

  1. How to make liquid soap in Nigeria
  2. How to package your liquid soap in Nigeria
  3. How to start liquid soap business in Nigeria
  4. Plus, a chance to join my free liquid soap class and learn from other liquid soap experts

All you need is to sit right and read to the end because by skimming, you’ll actually be missing out on some of the secrets I revealed in this post. Meanwhile, keep in mind that I’m not your regular liquid soap instructor or formulator, but someone who mastered all the hacks of liquid soap making from production to marketing to making income from it.

Basically, this post is divided into three parts:

  • Making
  • Branding
  • Selling

But, if you would also love to learn how to make a transparent liquid soap, jump on this post. Without wasting time, let’s get started;

7 things you need to know about liquid soap making in Nigeria

  1. There are 100s of liquid soap formula you can pick from so what you need is one that is cheap but produces high quality liquid soap that your customers want as well as safe for use
  2. You can make liquid soap for yourself or for sale, only that you’ll be leaving lots of money off the table if you are only making it for your own use
  3. Liquid soap production is the only business in Nigeria that does not require much capital, and hardlabor before you can make N10,000 as a starter in 2022
  4. You can make at least times 4 of the money you invest as fast as a week, all you need is the right guidance.
  5. You may need someone who has the vast of knowledge of liquid soap business here in Nigeria before you can make substantial money from it
  6. You can be making bastard money from liquid soap business even before registering for CAC or NAFDAC reg number.
  7. Liquid soap market is saturated already but you can still make passive income from it.

Having read the above, let’s continue!

Reasons you need to learn how to make liquid soap in Nigeria

Learning how to make liquid soap in Nigeria will save you the cost of purchasing liquid soap all the time. These days, the rate at which the price of all goods in the market is skyrocketing has made us realize that knowing how to make some of these goods ourselves will really save our pocket.

Imagine buying a 200ml of morning fresh for #280 when you can actually produce one yourself. You can make liquid soap for dishwashing, laundry, car wash and for bathing. And compared to detergent or bar soap production it’s easier and very cheap to produce, soft on hand and less harmful.

More so, you can make money selling your liquid soap. Therefore, with the knowledge of how to make liquid soap in Nigeria, you can never go broke.

Why Liquid soap business in Nigeria?

The liquid soap making business in Nigeria is an evergreen lucrative business (continuously profitable business) that is easy to start and very easy to scale. People will always wash clothes, do their dishes, wash cars, wash toilets, floor and wash their hands. Meanwhile, they are certain to use two things; soap and water.

So, have you ever thought of the reason why we always mention soap before water? It’s because even though water is a universal solvent it can never make a perfect cleaning therefore, you’ll need a soap.

Also, among other businesses in Nigeria, liquid soap making has a very low startup cost, that is, you don’t need to put in big money before you can start, in fact, with just #5000 you are sure to make a profit in your first week or even with #1500 you can start earning, only that this may take a month to make just 5k profit. Although it all depends on how serious you are and how much you want to make from it.

Meanwhile, liquid soap making is the only business in Nigeria with zero risk while you are also capable of fast-rising despite the saturated market. Meaning you will generate more than your original investment in no time if you have the right knowledge.

Lastly, you may not get your CAC, SON or NAFDAC registration numbers before you can make huge money from it. Too good to be true? Continue reading!

Why do people fail in liquid soap making in Nigeria?

  • Lack of right knowledge
  • Lack of proper and the right guidance

Part 1: Making

How to make Liquid soap in Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have hundreds of liquid soap formulas, but I’ll be teaching you just two in this post. The first method is the most common method. It’s easy to make and the liquid soap produced is very foamy and of good quality even though I’m not a fan of this. Nevertheless, there is no harm in learning it.

Materials needed for liquid soap production

  1. Bowl
  2. Measuring cup
  3. Water
  4. Stirrer
  5. Hand glove
  6. Nose mask
  7. Apron or overall (optional)
  8. Packaging bottles or keg
  9. Ingredients

Liquid soap Ingredients and their Functions

These are the ingredients needed for the production of 20 litres of liquid soap.

  • 1 cup of either antisol or nitrosol
  • 1/2 cup of SLS Sodium (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  • 1/2 cup of STPP (Sodium Tripolyphosphate)
  • 1 cup of soda ash
Soda ash
  • 2 litres of sulphonic acid
Sulphonic acid
  • 1/2 cup of texapon
  • 1/2 cup of caustic soda
Caustic soda
  • 1 spoon of formalin
  • Perfume
Colour for liquid soap
  • Colour

All chemicals can be found in any chemical shop

Before we mix the chemicals let’s take a look at the functions of some of these chemicals.

  • Antisol or Nitrosol- cleaning and thickening agent
  • SLS- an active cleaning agent and foaming agent
  • STPP- a cleaning and thickening agent
  • Soda ash- a cleaning agent (one need to be very careful with)
  • Texapon- also a foaming agent
  • Caustic soda- a cleaning and thickening agent. Very corrosive and capable of peeling one’s hand
  • Formalin- a preservative (very harmful and can also cause cancer). You can use citric acid as substitute.
  • Perfume- to give the soap a good scent

Precautions to take when making liquid soap

  1. Wear rubber hand glove (in absence of this you can wear nylon)
  2. Use your nose mask to prevent you from inhaling some chemicals
  3. Do not cut nylon with teeth to avoid chemical spill in your mouth
  4. Chemicals are corrosive, do not taste
  5. Beware of chemical splash (in case there is any, rinse the spot with lots of water)
  6. Keep chemicals away from children
  7. Wear apron to protect splash on your cloth (it may leave a permanent stain on your cloth)
  8. No rough play while working to avoid accidentally pouring of chemicals away
  9. Production should be done in a good working environment

Before the preparation let’s take a look at what makes a good liquid soap

Qualities of a good liquid soap

  1. A good liquid soap must lather well i.e. producing more foams
  2. It should be attractive or appealing to the eye
  3. It must be durable
  4. It must cause no irritation to the skin
  5. It should smell nice
  6. It must be soft on hand
  7. It must produce no lump

Step by step on how to make liquid soap in Nigeria

  1. Dissolve your antisol in 2 litres of water and leave for 24 hours. If Nitrosol dissolve it in 5litres of and use immediately. Antisol takes longer time to dissolve than Nitrosol but they perform same functions.
  2. In a separate bowl, dissolve soda ash with 1 cup of water and leave overnight
  3. In another bowl again, dissolve the caustic soda with 1 litre of water and leave overnight for fermentation to take place.
  4. Before you begin the production
  5. Dissolve the SLS in 1 cup of water.
  6. Dissolve the STPP in another 1 cup of water and put aside
  7. Empty the texapon in another bowl and dissolve with sulphonic acid.
  8. Dissolve the color completely in a small cup of water.

Procedures for making liquid soap

  1. Add the texapon and sulphonic mixture into the caustic soda solution at a time till all is added.
  2. Stir gently as this may produce foam heavily.
  3. Add more water to it and continue stirring until the mixture becomes whitish.
  4. Add the dissolved SLS and stir
  5. Add the dissolved STPP and stir
  6. After few minutes of stirring add the dissolved soda ash and stir more
  7. Gently turn the mixture into the big bowl containing either a dissolved antisol or Nitrosol and keep stirring till the solution thickens.
  8. Continue stirring but slowly
  9. Add the dissolved color and stir again
  10. Add formalin and your desired fragrance, then stir.
  11. Leave for 24hours for foam to disappear.

Your soap is ready.

Would you love to learn how to make transparent liquid soap like morning fresh? If yes, check out: How to make liquid soap like morning fresh

Let’s proceed!

What does glycerin do in liquid soap?

Glycerin is a humectant that attracts moisture thereby leaving the skin a smooth feel. Glycerine is a water-soluble chemical that can help lock in your skin’s natural moisture. It is transparent, thick and non-toxic.

So why don’t I include it in the list of ingredients? Because it only becomes mandatory if the liquid soap will be used for bathing moreover, we are trying to save cost while maximizing profit.

Part 2: Branding

How to package liquid soap in Nigeria

How to package liquid soap in nigeria

Packaging your liquid soap in Nigeria is part of the branding and the number thing you should think of when it comes to branding is trying to be different and unique in your own ways. So, what will make your liquid soap unique? Packaging!

Do you see how interwoven it is? Meanwhile, when it comes to the packaging you only need two things which are; the liquid soap container and the liquid soap sticker (optional)

  1. Liquid soap container: If you really want to make it big in liquid soap business, you need to sell outside your box and if you’ll be doing this you need to package your soap well. The container you use for packaging your liquid soap speaks a lot about you and your business. It’ll tell whether you just want to rob them off their money or you are ready for business.
Liquid soap container

And yes, it’s easier for customers to scale the value of your liquid soap based on the look of your container. This is the mistake I made when starting out. Though it’s fine to use water bottles (60cl/75cl) in fact it is easier to make sales with it but, if you ask me, I’ll advise you not to ever use them. I always tell my student this!

  1. Liquid soap sticker design: Liquid soap sticker is a small attractive paper which is attached to a liquid soap container, it usually contains the brand name, product name, its ingredient. And sometimes may contains ingredients, their functions, the manufacturing and the expiring date and NAFDAC registration number. You can visit Shutterstock to design your liquid soap sticker.

Bonus Tip: With good packaging, you can sell your liquid soap to lots of people in no time even if it’s scrap but that’s never what we are teaching here because, even though the packaging is what will make you sell faster, quality is what will turn your first-time buyer into a potential customer.

NAFDAC registration for liquid soap

To register with NAFDAC you need to; Get their registration form, submit your registration and application form, submit the samples of your products, make necessary payments and collect your certificate. The process is actually more complex than this, so you can refer to this for proper understanding. But registration may take up to 60 days.

Meanwhile, you are here to make as little as 10k in the first week of your liquid soap production. So, how will that happen? Wait for NAFDAC approval before selling? Yes!

Part 3: Selling  

How much are 5 litres of liquid soap

To make it easier for you and to also let you know what’s already on market I also took my time to research the price people are selling liquid soap. And it is discovered that 5 litres of liquid soap are sold for as low as #600 while some sells theirs #2000 up to #3000 all depending on the quality of the soap and the cost of production. Mind you, you can never sell a #600 liquid soap for #2000.

How much are 25 litres of liquid soap?

Just as with 5 litres of liquid soap it also depends on the quality of the soap. Therefore, some sells as low 25 litres for as low as #3000 while some sell it as high as #6000 – #8000

How much can I sell my liquid soap?

The difference in the price above has made us know that you can sell your liquid soap any amount you want. But whether you sell for a very low price or you sell it at a very costly price you may never be able to sell some again if you are not able to justify between the quality and the price. This is a secret I may not be explaining here! But take this anybody that buy your liquid soap for once must be your customer (if you have a good marketing strategy).

How much does it cost to make liquid soap from scratch to finish?

  1. 250 grams of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)- #900
  2. 500 grams of salt- #100
  3. 250 grams of Texapon- #300
  4. Fragrance (as desired)- #120
  5. Color (as desired)- #50

Total + Container + Transport

Note: This depends on your location

How to make liquid soap for business

There is a difference between knowing how to make liquid soap and knowing how to make money from it. Because, no matter how good your liquid soap is, even if yours is the best, once you don’t know how to advertise you can never make a single sale. Not even your family will buy from you. And you know what that means- All efforts and money are wasted.

But what if I teach you the secrets to making mad sales and bastard money in the Liquid soap business in Nigeria. Even though my students won’t be happy with what I’m doing right now but I just have to teach you what you don’t know about this business.

When it comes to teaching how to make liquid soap and making crazy money from it (which I called MULA) you can never find any comprehensive guide like this on google. If you doubt it, you can pause right now, make a search on google “how to make liquid soap in Nigeria” or better still “how to make money from liquid soap business in Nigeria”.

I’m not claiming a guru or so, I’m just trying to show you how most people teach what they don’t know about the business. Let’s take for example some of the lies we’ve bought from these self-claimed liquid soap experts which will lead us to the common misconceptions about the liquid soap business in Nigeria.

Some common misconceptions about liquid soap business in Nigeria

  • One can never make a substantial amount of money from liquid soap business in Nigeria
  • Only big brands can make money from it
  • You must reduce your price before you can thrive in liquid soap market
  • You must Register with CAC and NAFDAC before you can start your liquid soap business
  • You need a large space for your liquid soap business
  • You must start with at least #20000 or #50000 to make huge money
  • You must sell your soap immediately after production
  • You must buy a book before you can succeed in liquid soap business
  • You need to write a proposal to a supermarket in your area about your liquid soap
  • You need to give your soap to influencer for free to advertise for you

Now, what if I tell you;

  1. You can make substantial amount of money from liquid soap business in Nigeria
  2. You don’t have to be big before you can make money from liquid soap business in Nigeria
  3. You don’t need to hurt yourself by reducing your price before you can thrive in the liquid soap market
  4. You can start making something huge before you register with CAC or NAFDAC (this is not a scam it’s all about the right knowledge)
  5. You don’t need large space nor many workers before you can make it big in liquid soap business (this will surely save you tons of thousand)
  6. You don’t need to break bank before you can make N10k profit in your first week of liquid soap business (just ask how and I will show)
  7. You don’t need to buy any book because it most likely to be out dated thereby giving you wrong information. Plus, you can never ask a book any question if something goes wrong in your production.
  8. You don’t need to give anybody your high-quality liquid soap for free before you can make your first sale
  9. You won’t need to beg customers to buy your soap

What you’ll get;

  • How to make a well lather liquid soap that’ll never go wrong. I’ll hold your hand throughout your first production because the most frustrating part is when you need someone to ask your troubling questions and you couldn’t find
  • How to MINIMIZE COST while MAXIMIZING PROFIT as well quality (the goal is to make more money)
  • A follow up sequence untill your production is perfect
  • An almost 24/7 reply from me to solve any problem concerning your liquid soap business
  • Your first production is likely to have lumps, but with me say no to lumps
  • The worst part of every business is not making sales, you willl learn how to make your liquid soap sells like craze
  • Opportunity to how to make more cleaning and household products

What are you still waiting for

Video on how to make money from liquid soap business in Nigeria

This video will teach you how you can make more money from your liquid soap business in Nigeria.  

Note: The video will be brought down soon, so you need to act fast!


In the above post, I took you through the basic steps on how to make liquid soap in Nigeria from scratch to finish. I taught you how to package it, advertise it and make money from it in Nigeria. Alongside a video to help you get started. If you haven’t seen the video, act fast now.

After reading this post and watching the video you’ll discover that making high quality liquid soap here in Nigeria is one of the simplest skills anyone can ever have, and the reward can be as high as 50k profit in the first month. Meaning with this knowledge you can never go broke.

The liquid soap business in Nigeria is an evergreen lucrative business (continuously profitable business) that is easy to start and very easy to scale. People will always wash clothes, do their dishes, wash cars, wash toilets, floor and wash their hands and they are bound to use soap and water.

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