How To Make Transparent Liquid Soap In Nigeria

Making transparent liquid soap in Nigeria is the easiest, cheapest, and one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria in 2022. Personally, I love making transparent liquid soap because of one major reason, it makes me stands out among my competitor.

Way back in 2020 when I started producing my liquid soaps, I had up to three competitors in my area; two known competitors and a well-renowned brand. But when I sent out my product for souvenirs people are wowed too see something very appealing other than the typical liquid soap they buy.

how to make transparent liquid soap

Not only did my customers love it but I also feel good receiving their compliments. Soon I became the talk of the town as every now compares mine with the renowned brand, most especially when the quality is not that different but the price is very clear.

Enough of the long talk, it’s now about you. Let’s talk about how we can also make you the talk of the town or in your family if you’re not planning to start a business. If you are ready let’s jump right into the preparation. But before then I want you to clear your head of all formulas you’ve learned in the past as they may be contradicting what you are about to learn. Some of these are made by bloggers who have never touched a single chemical before.

And two best ways to fail as a learner are not being able to follow simple instructions and following wrong instructions. You should know that we also are in the liquid soap business just like you want to do, therefore we will only give you what works. So pay attention and read!

Materials Needed for the Production of Liquid Transparent Soap

The following are the materials needed for the production of transparent liquid soap;

  • Big Bowl
  • Stirrer
  • Hand glove
  • Nose mask
  • Packaging bottles or keg
  • Apron or overall, which is optional.

Safety Precaution When Making a Transparent Liquid Soap

The following are the safety precautions to ensure when making a transparent liquid soap;

  • Ensure you start your production in a ventilated area (if possible outside)
  • Wear synthetic hand gloves (but not a wool glove as chemicals can penetrate)
  • In absence of a synthetic glove wear a pair of nylon and tie it with a rubber band at the wrist
  • Use nose mask
  • Avoid tasting chemicals
  • If a chemical comes in contact with the flush immediately with running water
  • Keep chemicals out of reach of children
  • And wear an overall or apron (Optional)
how to make lquid transparent soap
An example of a synthetic hand glove

Your safety is your personal responsibility. Always follow the correct procedures. Never take shortcuts. Take responsibility and clean up if you made a mess.

Ingredients needed for making transparent liquid soap

The following ingredients are needed for the production of 5 litres of Liquid Multipurpose soap

  1. 250 grams of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  2. 500 grams of salt
  3. 250 grams of Texapon
  4. Fragrance (as desired)
  5. Color (as desired)

Yes, you read right. With just 5 ingredients and five liters of water, you can produce your first transparent liquid soap. No need to cram the ingredients or the procedure, because it’s just too simple to forget.

You may be wondering, with just five ingredients; will it foam like the normal liquid soap? Yes! In fact, it foams just like the normal liquid soap you buy around, or may even foam more if you do it the right way because the first method only comprises lots of chemicals, but in small quantities. Meanwhile, most of these chemicals serve the same purpose.

Do you see why you need someone that knows more about making household and cleaning products? Anyway, we have a full, in-depth tutorial for everyone hoping to learn the art of soap making and some other DIY stuff. So, don’t miss out! In case you are wondering how to benefit from this, here is a link to purchase our DIY training and learn how to make several other household and cleaning products right from your home.

Meanwhile, you still need to read this to the end because that training is not for free, it’s only meant for those hoping to become a pro in the art of soap making and make passive income from it. So, let’s proceed!

Procedures for making transparent liquid multi-purpose soap

  • Soak all of the SLS in little water that’s enough to dissolve it completely and leave overnight.
How to make liquid soap in nigeria with pictures

Begin the production the next morning

  • Dissolve 250g of salt in 2.5 litres of water and stir continuously until the salt dissolve completely
  • Add half of the texapon to the solution above and stir continuously until the mixture dissolves to form a homogenous solution
  • Add the dissolved SLS to the mixture and continue stirring
How to make liquid soap in nigeria step by step process
  • Add few drops of fragrance and the remaining texapon then continue stirring
  • Add your desired colour
how to make liquid soap in nigeria
  • Add the remaining water to get the desired quantity
How to make Liquid soap in nigeria from scratch
  • And lastly, add the remaining salt to thicken and also increase the quantity
How to make transparent liquid soap in nigeria
  • Leave for several hours (minimum of 12 hours and maximum of 24 hours)
How to make transparent liquid soap in nigeria with pictures soap in nigeria

Your soap is ready for use.

What you should get- is a thick transparent colored liquid with a great scent. But before you make your first liquid soap, we still have some more secrets to reveal to you in our ebook, Mathematics of Liquid Soap making. You may also need it if you want your first production to be super-duper.

Here is a highlight of the benefit you’ll get from the ebook;

  • Troubleshooting- Hypothetically, about 80% of people fail in their first liquid soap production, and up to 50% of them can still be corrected only if they know how. With the mathematics of liquid soap making, you’ll learn how to solve common mistakes and errors in liquid soap production
  • Calculating for larger productions- In order to produce more, most especially for commercial purposes you’ll need to increase the quantity of water but at the same time this will jeopardize its quality. But with this ebook right at hand, you’ll be able to increase your own liquid soap without complicating your production.
  • How to formulate more liquid soap products such as non-transparent liquid soap, liquid car wash, liquid hand wash, and shampoo by just adding and subtracting some chemicals to get the desired result.
  • What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the promo price now and produce later.

Conclusion: Transparent Liquid Soap Production

This transparent liquid multi-purpose soap can be used for both dishes and laundry, and not many individuals produce it this way. But since it’s appealing and easier to market than the non-transparent liquid soap, it also contains fewer ingredients, which means less technical know-how and speedier manufacture.

It does not contain corrosive chemicals like caustic soda or sulphonic acid, making its production and uses less harmful. Nor does it contain formalin, a cancer-causing preservative used for corpses. Even though the cost price is close, fewer ingredients may translate to a lower cost of production


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