How to Use Miracle seed for Flat tummy: Easy way

Do you want to get rid of that belly fat as fast as 1 to 2 weeks? I mean that pot belle that annoys you every time you look at yourself in the mirror.

Or the one that makes you unable to walk freely among your flat tummy friends.

Welcome to The Ideal Healthy Living, your best place for beauty and personal care. In this post I’ll be showing you how you can achieve a flatter tummy with miracle seed.. With this simple natural recipe, you are expected to see decrease in your belly fat after your first two doses. Let’s get started!

Over a couple of years, women all over the world, mostly Africans have adopted the use of Miracle seed also known as ghana seed or croton seed for flat tummy. But the problem many faces is a lack of proper prescription. Even though miracle seed sellers are known to always sell the seed along with its prescription but we can’t just deal with the incompetence of some sellers and also for people who have it at home or have been gifted.

To most Africans, miracle seeds are the number one cure for flat tummy and weight loss. It is a powerful seed that helps in getting rid of unnecessary fats in the body. However, we discovered it does not only get rid of fats but flushes the entire bowel system, cures toilet infections and waist pain, boosts fertility, relieves menstrual cramps, shrinks fibroid and lots more by deeps cleansing the body system.

With this, we can conclude that miracle seed is good for body detoxification, which is the first step to getting flat tummy. But not getting you the flat tummy with a great shape you desired.

To get a toned body, you need to work on your diet and sprinkle little of exercise on it. Forget those marketers that promises flat tummy in a week. You can’t achieve a flatter tummy with great shape in a week, it takes series of hard work, failure and consistency to achieve it.

If you’re serious about getting a flatter tummy in a matter of month or less, then this guide is for you.


Assuming you bought your seeds from a reputable seller you must have been told how to use it by now. But if you’re still there staring at your seed without the knowledge of how to use it then it’s the right time.


  1. Pick 1 or 2 seeds from what you have to chew.
  2. Chew with groundnut to prevent serious stomach upset, .
  3. Drink water after chewing

Alternatively, you can blend some of it into powder and sprinkle some in the water you want to drink. But the problem here is, you may not be able to weigh out two seeds from the powdered form. In the same vein, if you are an ulcer patient crush it and make sure to mix with skimmed milk before taking it. Meanwhile, if you are a nursing mother DO NOT GO NEAR THIS.

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When to take miracle seed?

Drink first thing in the morning while it’s warm and drink it at night when you know you are not going to eat anything again.

Take it on a free day or when you have to take a day off. Weekends is a better day for this because you’ll excrete all the unnecessary fats in your stomach. And this may result in you going to the toilet from time to time.

I have Ulcer can I take it?

No, if you are an ulcer patient please do not take miracle seed. Seek your doctor’s permission and probably he may advise you take it with skimmed milk.

Who can take the Miracle seed?

Everyone can take it except for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

For how long should I take it?

Use for at least once in every 4 days for 2-4 weeks before you start seeing any significant result. If you did not see any result after this 4 weeks please discontinue the usage.

Side Effects of Miracle seeds

Croton seeds can cause burning of the mouth, vomiting, dizziness, stupor, painful bowel movements, abortions in pregnant women, and collapse. If croton seeds are put on the skin, they may cause itching, burning, and blistering.

Meanwhile, Miracle Seed also aids in the enhancement of libido and sexual stamina. It helps men become more fertile by raising their sperm count.


I hope you find this article helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about how to use miracle seeds for a flat tummy. Remember, miracle seed is body detox and can never replace healthy eating and exercising for flat tummy, if you don’t know how check out our detailed guide on how to achieve a flat tummy the safer and the best way.

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  • Please l have high blood pressure can I use the Croton seed ?

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  • I’m lost here, you said that one of the side effects of the miracle seed is that the person may collapse when talking by mouth. Please what remedy will be used to revive a person that collapses

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