Is Cacatin a bleaching cream? Cacatin Cream Review

Cacatin is an anti-septic cream that works similarly to the popular, Funbact A cream except that it doesn’t bleach that as Funbact A does. Cacatin herbal cream comes in a small container instead of a tube, unlike funbact A. Other antifungal or antibacterial creams that has the same functions as cacatin are; Applevet cream, Miracle derm, Epiderm, Pharma-derm, a few to mention.

One thing to take note of about all these creams not all deliver what they promised but could cacatin be in this category? Let’s take a quick review on cacatin herbal cream.

By now you must have known that I don’t formulate reviews off head, I do take my time to use the product and if I can’t I take several people’s review and leave you out to decide for yourself. Nonetheless, this particular cream was used by me and my family for several years. In fact, it is our go-to antiseptic cream. Why do you think a family of six will make a cream their favourite?

Before, you I’m been paid to do this, I must make it clear that I’m in no where affiliated to the company to any seller. This cacatin cream review will be based on what we found about this cream for the whole lots of years we’ve used it. We’ll be taking look at its ingredients, its functions, its side effects (if any) and many more.

Cacatin cream is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti septic cream.  It is used in the treatment of acne, ringworm, dandruff psoriasis, boils, eczema, pimples, blemishes and some other skin irritation.

This cream is produced from natural ingredients such as; Shea Butter Honey, Caca Leaf and Caca Bark. These ingredients give the cream a powerful effect that may are not be found on other creams alike. Cacatin also works greatly on white patches, blackheads, sunburns, wrinkles and dark spots.

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Who is Cacatin for?

Cacatin cream is made perfectly made for all skin types and colours, and you may say it’s for everybody. Although in some cases I’ve seen it makes some parts lighter than the others on my brother who is dark in complexion.

For instance, when he had eczema on his chin, he would apply the cream only to the affected part and leave it throughout the night. After using it for a week we discovered it is making the place lighter than other parts of the face. It could be because of eczema though but I must confess, he is the type that cares not when using a cream.

So, how did he correct this, he did nothing special other than he started using it religiously. And everything went back to normal.

Meanwhile, if you still want to wage yourself because of how effective it is then consider using it every 2 or 3 days. That way you reduce how fast it works but save yourself from getting a non-uniform complexion.

Can I use Cacatin cream on My Face?

Yes, you can use cacatin cream on your face.

Does Cacatin cream work on Pimples and acne?

Yes, cacatin cream is an antiseptic cream that works on pimples, acne, eczema, blemishes and some other skin infections.

Does Cacatin Contain Hydroquinone?

Cacatin doesn’t contain hydroquinone.

Is Cacatin a bleaching cream?

No, cacatin cream is not a bleaching cream. Although it may lighten your face a little bit if you are dark in complexion and you don’t use it with caution.

Cacatin Cream Side Effects

Throughout my years of using this cream, I found out that Cacatin doesn’t have any harsh side effects other than skin lightening which may be controlled by reducing the quantity and the daily usage.

How Good Is Cacatin Cream?

Cacatin is really a good face cream that will ensure your skin tone is lightened up and brightened.

How To Use Cacatin herbal Cream

Wash your face with mild soap and water. Dry your face with a hand towel. Put some cream on your palm, rub the cream on both palms till it evenly dispersed and rub on the affected part. If applying on the face you may apply evenly all over the face to give a uniform complexion.

When will I start seeing result?

You should use it for at least a week before checking to see any significant result, In my own case, I usually see results in the 3 days to when I started using it for any particular ailment.

How much Is Cacatin cream?

Cacatin is N150. Although this price varies according to your location.

Where can I buy cacatin cream?

Cacatin antiseptic cream can be gotten from a pharmacy, cosmetics shop or over-the-counter shop. But cautious to buy it from a reputable store for the sake of originality.

Final thoughts

Caactin cream is a good cream to consider buying if you are looking to buy a very effective antiseptic cream. It works great for me and my family.

These are my two turn-offs about cacatin cream, its effectiveness has reduced a bit unlike before but it’s working well though if only you can be a bit patient. Secondly, I also hate the fact that it’s getting smaller each time we buy a new one despite that they use a small container for its packaging.

Nevertheless, I feel the price compliments its quantity. If you can deal with these two things then consider adopting cacatin cream

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