K Brothers Papaya Soap Review

I was given Kbrothers papaya soap as a gift when pimple has seriously dealt with my face but I did not use it because I have an already made soap I’m using and I wouldn’t want the soap to conflict each other. Instead, I also gave it out to a friend of mine who is also suffering from pimple and acne.

So she started using it the next day. And two weeks later call to thank me. “It works perfectly” she added.

She used it as instructed and it clears her dark spots and lightens her complexion. Two weeks after I got a call early in the morning that the soap is making her face red. I was shock at this because she already testifies its effectiveness, why now?

But I just told her to reduce the usage if she uses it 2 times daily, she should reduce it to one. Her face could have been red because she is over using it or the soap is just getting familiar with skin.

A week after it started bringing backs her original skin color with 2 shades lightening with no appearance of redness in her face.

After she used it for months, this is what discovered about this soap

The soap lightens and brightens the skin nicely while dealing with acne and pimples and it works similar to kbrothers carrot soap only it’s a bit slower than the carrot soap.

Why should you use kbrothers papaya soap?

As with many, your face must have been seriously dealt with by pimple that turn black spot or sunburn or any other skin infection while like some, you may want to change your skin color probably a bit lighter than before and that’s what this soap promised to do.

K Brothers Papaya Soap Ingredients

Papaya Extracts, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Coconut Oil, Fd & C Brown and Fragrance.

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How To Use K Brothers Papaya Soap

Wet face with water, then gently scrub on the affected parts. Massage the creamy bubbles on the skin with fingers and gently rinse it off gently. You should order careful this should not get into your eyes.

In order to see its quick result, it is advised to use it two times daily. Another thing I’ll want to emphasise is to make sure you cut your soap into small pieces. Not that really small, at least a size that you can hold. The reason is the soap melt so fast. So, you can either cut it into two or four.

Kbrothers papaya soap: Things I like about it

  1. It is very effective for black spot
  2. It treats pimple and acne
  3. It has a great scent
  4. It’s soft on hand and forms creamy bubble in no time
  5. You can see result as fast two weeks

Kbrothers papaya soap: Things I didn’t like about it

  1. It melts quickly thereby making one to exhaust the soap right before seeing result
  2. It hurt any bruise or picked pimple on the face (though it’s a sign it’s working)
  3. Once you stop using it pimple may return.

How To Know Original K Brothers papaya Soap?

The fake k brothers U.S.A soap is dark orange in colour while the original is light orange in colour.

Where To Buy K Brothers Papaya Soap?

You may need to be extra careful when buying any cream or soap because imitators are too much out there. There is no how you can fully deal with piracy when your product is good.

However, you can buy the original creams and soap from our store or any trusted and reputable cosmetic store.


When it comes to clearing of black spot and skin lightening, most of the time I’ve found myself recommending either kbrothers carrot soap or kbrothers papaya soap apart from DIY ways.

These soaps does wonders such as clearing of pimple, acne, blemishes and even smoothening of the face in matter of weeks. Depending on your skin, it may take a while before you start seeing result but it actually works well without side effects if you use it responsibly

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