Peau De Lune Cleanser Review: Is Hydroquinone in it?

Peau De Lune Cleanser is a non-hydroquinone face cleanser that clears pimples, acne, rashes, dark spots, white spots, sunburns, blemishes, wrinkles and also lightens the skin. Like other cleansers, peau de lune cleansers remove dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells and other impurities on the face.

We carried out a review on this Peau de lune face cleanser and discovered a lot of things. Part of what we found is that it is one most the most common and effective face cleanser out there that helps to clean, unclog and tighten the skin pores and prevent skin conditions such as acne. However, there are no good things without precautions and their bad side.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll be exposing you to the real truth behind Peau de lune. Let’s get started!

The first thing you should know about lotion peau de lune cleanser is that it is of three types

1: Peau de lune Eclaircissante Facial cleanser- The brown peau de lune cleanser

The brown peau de lune cleanser is perceived as the strongest among the lotions of peau de lune. And it is in fact the most common. It is meant for acne-prone and oily skin, that is, people with stubborn acne. At the same time, if your skin is very strong that creams hardly get in them, then this is for you. It acts as a skincare regimen together with a toner and moisturizer and gives a refreshing look after use. It also fights against blackheads, acne and sunburn.

2: Peau de lune Plante Naturelles cleanser- green

If you have dark skin, chocolate skin or fair skin you may call it the green peau de lune lotion is your best bet because it doesn’t lighten the skin complexion at all. It is a mild face cleanser designed for people with combination or sensitive skin It is gentle on the skin and serves the same purpose as the other two peau de lune cleansers.

Because of its mild function, it became people’s favourite among the three peau de lune cleansers to the extent that it is scarce.

3: Peau De Lune Florale Plus Rapid Facial Cleanser [Toner Lotion]- pink

The function of the pink peau de lune cleanser falls in between the brown bottle and the green bottle. The pink peau de lune cleanser serves as a toner and it’s suitable for all skin types. This peau de lune helps lighten the skin complexion and get rid of skin impurities to make your skin look young and beautiful.

Florale Plus Facial Cleanser Lotion is a face cleanser that smoothens, softens, clears dark spots and lightens the skin. In fact, it is all in 1 cleanser that is used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin of the face. This helps to unclog pores and prevent skin conditions such as acne. Tightens pores, makes your skin smooth and fresh, acne-free and tightens.

Lotion Peau De Lune Cleanser for Fair Skin

Peau de lune Eclaircissante Facial cleanser is the meant for fair skin.

Peau De Lune Cleanser Ingredients:

  1. Alcohol ethylique
  2. Eau camphree
  3. Exciplents Q.S

Benefits of using Peau De Lune

  1. Peau de lune is a face cleanser that help removes dirts and spots from the face.
  2. It eliminates any stubborn pimples, acne and gives a clear and even toned skin.
  3. The pink peau de lune is a great toner that will make your skin young and beautiful

Peau De Lune Cleanser Side Effects:

We all have different skin types and thus we shall experience different results. Below are some of the side effects people complain of when we did our review. Meanwhile, you should remember that we all have different skin types and thus may be the reason behind the irritations.

1: It burns the face thereby leaving a non-uniform colour on the face
2: It fails to clear the pimples rather it gave them more in some cases
3: It makes the skin dry unless one uses a moisturizer
4: It gives a reddish spot all over the face

Does Peau De Lune Contain Hydroquinone?

No, non of the peau de lune cleanser contain hydroquinone.

Is Peau De Lune Cleanser good?

Yes! Constant use of the facial cleanser purifies your face leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, and also acne-free.

How To Use Peau De Lune Cleanser:

  1. Soak a ball of cotton wool with Peau de lune cleanser and properly clean your face and neck with it.
  2. Leave for a mitue to enable it dry on the face
  3. Cover it preferably before using it.
  4. And apply only in the evening.

Precautions When Using Peau de lune cleanser

  • Avoid eyes contact
  • In case of irritation stop usage or consult a doctor if necessary

How To Know Original Peau De Lune Cleanser:

To know the difference between the original peau de lune cleanser and the fake keep your eye on the font size and the bar code at the back of the container.

The fake has everything written in bold letters while the original one is written in small letters. The bar code at the back of the original facial cleanser has a white background while the fake facial cleanser doesn’t have any background.

How Much Is Peau De Lune Cleanser:

Amazon’s price is $29.99

Where To Buy Peau De Lune Cleanser:

You can buy the original cleanser online from Amazon


Lotion Peau De Lune facial cleanser is one of the most effective cleansers to treat facial skin conditions like acne, blemish, pimples, and spots. It does a lot of good for your face like tightening pores, clearing spots and giving your skin a more blended tone. Constant use of the facial cleanser purifies your face leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, and also acne-free.

However, you need to pick the right choice as it is of 3 different types to avoid further skin issues, you can also consider using the green colour if you are a black skin person. It can serve as a makeup remover while also getting rid of dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from your face.

Although the cleanser is not harsh on the skin unless you have super sensitive skin. But, discontinue in case there is irritation or unwanted reactions

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  • Hi,I got the brown one,and I’ve not used it up to a week and my face is already getting red,please what cause it,and please reply as soon as possible,so I can know what to do

  • Hi
    I got the pink one and I just started using it 3 days ago
    My face has became black and there are more pimples on my face

  • So far, I’ve recommended not less than 30 persons to this product and non came back with negative results.

  • I used it for over a month the brown one and the side of my face is very black and burnt the front is white and fair! Pls how can I cure this help someone respond

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