Perfect Glow Lotion Review (Is it a good cream?)

Are you looking for a perfect skin lightening cream that will brighten your skin as fast as 1 week? A cream that will neither irritate nor bleach the skin. Then this carrot extract cream is the best for you. I’m not saying this as a perfect glow lotion lover but as someone who knows the benefits of carrot extract in skin care products and has been seeing the wonders of this cream and other products made with carrot extract like k-brothers carrot soap.

I hope by the end of this article you discover my reason for recommending this cream to you.

Perfect Glow Carrot Cream is a skin lightening lotion that contains ingredients proven to lighten your skin and remove blackheads and spots. It also contains vitamin E that treats pigmented skin & rashes and also prevents the reappearance of dark spots. Aside that this cream repairs, replenish, and restores the skin it also makes the skin, smooth, soft and supple.

This cream brightens the skin tone by preventing excessive body melanin production. It also clears dark spots and fades discolouration. It makes your skin clearer, youthful and luminous.

Perfect glow carrot lotion is gentle on the hand and it unifies, clarifies and promotes skin rejuvenation with a strong skin lightening complex that restores the skin and makes it radiant and beautiful.

Where is Perfect glow cream produced?

If you are looking for the original Perfect glow cream, you need to know where it’s produced. Perfect glow cream is a product of RODIS Brand which is made in Togo.

All of these are written on the carton and on the leaflet inside the carton.

Who is Perfect glow Carrot lotion for?

Perfect glow carrot lotion is suitably adapted to all skin types. It contains carrot extract which makes it suitable for all dark spots, blemishes and acne.

It is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

Perfect Glow Lotion Ingredients

The original perfect glow lotions ingredients are; Vaseline oil, petroleum jelly, aqua, stearic acid, AHA, Silicone oil, bht, lorol c16, lorol c18, isopropyl myristate, carrot oil, collagen, vitamin C & E, B-carotene, fragrance.

Its key ingredient is carrot extract.

Perfect Glow Carrot Side Effects:

The only side effect of perfect glow is that it will make you glow without you noticing, it’ll always notify friends and family before you’ll discover. But to be candid, the perfect glow carrot doesn’t have any side effects.

Uses Of Perfect Glow Cream:

1: It is used to lighten skin
2: It is used to clear freckles
3: It is used to clear melasma
4: It is used to clear sunburns
5: It is used to clear blemishes
6: It is used to clear dark spots
7: It is used to clear acne scars
8: It is used to clear blackheads

Is Perfect Glow a Bleaching Cream?

No, perfect is not a bleaching cream rather it repairs, restores and replenishes the skin. It does not contain hydroquinone or mercury which are known to be a great bleaching agents. By now you should know that any cream that contains these two chemicals or either of the two chemicals will definitely bleach you.

Does Perfect Glow Cream Contain Hydroquinone?

No, the perfect glow cream doesn’t contain hydroquinone.

How Good Is Perfect Glow Carrot Lotion?

Perfect glow is one of the best skin lightening creams that will make your skin glow in less than two weeks.

Can Perfect glow Cream be used on the Face?

Yes, perfect glow cream can be used on both face and body. In fact, it can be used to treat facial infections such as pimples, acne, eczema etc. without any side effects.

Does Perfect glow Cream Lighten Skin?

Yes, perfect glow cream is a lightening cream that works very fast, but with an even complexion. Meaning it doesn’t give a black and yellow colour when used properly.

Is Perfect glow good for dark skin?

Perfect glow will lighten up dark skin.

Does Perfect glow Remove Dark Spots?

Yes, the perfect glow cream clears all dark spots on the face and body.

Does Perfect glow lotion Remove Pimples?

The short answer is yes perfect glow cream may help clear pimples from the face. Although I couldn’t spot which one is actually working because I was using k-brothers carrot soap alongside it.

How To Use Perfect Glow Carrot?

Press the bottom of the tube to force the cream out of it. Rub the cream on both palms till it evenly dispersed and rub on the affected part. If applying on the face you should apply evenly all over the face to give a uniform complexion.

Apply twice a day, advisably morning and evening. After one week of continuous usage, the effects will become visible and your skin will be more luminous.

Perfect Glow Cream Price in Nigeria

A 200ml bottle of Perfect glow is N900 in markets and cosmetics shops. However, you should know that price varies.

Where to Buy Perfect Glow Carrot Cream?

You can buy perfect glow cream from any reputable beauty or cosmetic shop. Meanwhile, you should know that not every store may have this cream therefore, you can also order yours in any trusted online marketplace.

Perfect glow: Things I like about it

  1. It brightens the skin colour evenly.
  2. It is very effective for black spots.
  3. It makes one’s face glow when used.
  4. It treats pimples and acne.
  5. It has a great scent
  6. It’s gentle on the hand
  7. Fast effective
  8. It’s filled to the top

Perfect glow cream: Things I didn’t like about it

  1. It hurt any bruise or picked pimple on the face

Perfect Glow Face Cream Review

Using Perfect Glow Face Cream is a great way to eliminate obstinate dark spots from the face. It brightens, softens, and smoothes your skin, resulting in a more youthful, radiant, and flawless appearance.

If you’re concerned about dark spots on your body or your skin tone (such as on your underarms or knuckles), use this product. This lotion improves your skin’s clarity, elasticity, and luminosity.

Carrot extract and vitamin E are included in this cream’s formulation to help lighten and even out your skin tone. It decreases the appearance of clogged pores and blackheads, as well as age spots, pimples, and white spots.
To keep your skin hydrated and elastic, it contains plant extracts and vitamins that don’t leave any oily residue behind. Your skin will feel lovely after using this face cream.

Removes blemishes while boosting the skin’s suppleness and flexibility. It revitalises and brightens the appearance of the skin. In addition to lightening your complexion, it also reduces the formation of melanin in your skin.

Makes skin lighter, softer, luminous, and satin-smooth with no stickiness or greasy residue. Using this cream can help you achieve a spot-free complexion that is clearer, brighter, and more consistent.

If you have acne, blemishes, scars, sun damage, freckles, wrinkles, blackheads, or other skin discolorations or irregularities, this is the face cream for you.

Perfect Glow Face Cream Ingredients:

Glutathione, Sunscreen, Arbutin, Tocopherol, Propylene Glycol and Plant Extracts.

Perfect Glow Face Cream Side Effects:

It doesn’t have any side effects.

Does Perfect Glow Cream Contain Hydroquinone?

No, it doesn’t contain hydroquinone.

How Good Is Perfect Glow Face Cream:

It is a really good face cream that will ensure your skin complexion is evened and beautiful.

How To Use Perfect Glow Cream:

Take some of the cream and gently massage it into your skin until it is all completely absorbed.

Perfect Glow Face Cream Price In Nigeria:

It cost N1000 in markets and cosmetics shops.

Perfect glow cream Review: Bottom Line

Perfect glow is undoubtedly one of the best skin lightening creams when it comes to clearing black spots. It comes with some extra features such as clearing of pimples, acne, blemishes and even smoothening of the face.

It’s rich in vitamin c, E and B-carotene. Also contains carrot extract a natural skin lightening ingredient that makes it works faster than some skin lightening cream. This cream is best for giving the skin an even colour and not just some shady yellow and brown.

So, that’s my review

Now I want to hear about your experience with Perfect glow carrot lotion.

What do you like about it?

What do you think they need to improve?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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  • Aplus for this cream
    I made it my choice till further notice
    It doesn’t harm my sensitive skin
    Perfect glow lotion has given me what I want and I have tick on it
    I introduced to friends, they all love it as well

  • It gave the side of my fingers very very white my body part was ok but my fingers the side of it so white I’m sad because it refuses to go

  • How do I identify fake perfect glow cream

  • My leg is black I want it to be fair

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