St.Ives Body Lotion

St.Ives Body Lotion is one of the best body lotions for keeping the skin smooth and young for a long period. Since it includes antioxidants, it maintains skin firmness, and smoothness, and rapidly hydrates the skin throughout the day. Additionally, it keeps skin smooth and young-looking. St.Ives Body Lotion is something I have personally used, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants firm, ageless skin.

When you open the container or press the pump, St.Ives Body Lotion has a somewhat greenish-white appearance in the cream. It smells like olive oil, but I wouldn’t characterize it as particularly pleasant or unpleasant; it simply had a good fragrance and would last when used on the skin. St.Ives Body Lotion along with olive oil and vitamin E can efficiently hydrate your skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

St.Ives Body Lotion with olive oil and vitamin E immediately absorbs into your skin and offers enough moisture. St.Ives Body Lotion will maintain the color of your skin during the period of usage, neither lightening nor darkening it. The cream doesn’t also give sunburns, skin irritations, rashes, or skin redness. It is also effective if you don’t spend a lot of time in the sun. Because St.Ives Body Lotion includes comedogenic coconut oil, which can clog pores and trigger breakouts, people with oily skin should avoid using it on their faces. Because oily skin is always prone to breakouts, it is best to avoid using products with a high comedogenic index.

If you want to maintain your complexion, prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, as well as enhance youthful skin, I would highly recommend St.Ives Body Lotion. And for more effective results, it is better if you use the cream consistently for a period of about two weeks. Continuous usage will guarantee effective results. 

St.Ives Body Lotion Benefits

  • St.Ives Body Lotion hydrates your skin immediately after usage.
  • Keeps your skin looking young due to the presence of antioxidants.
  • Excellent skin-smoothing results
  • The cream also helps increase the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. 

What Advantages Does St.Ives Body Lotion offer?

St.Ives Body Lotion is effective at hydrating skin and maintaining its youthful appearance.

St.Ives Body Lotion Ingredients


Fruit oil from olives

Lauryl stearate

Ethylene glycol, poly


Oil mineral

Coconut booze


Oil from coconuts 

Behentrimonium methanesulfonate

Acetate of Cetearyl

Citrate of vitamin E


PEG-8 stearate


Steraralkonium chloride

Palmitoyl oligopeptide

Pahnella fermented with soy protein

PEG – 8,

Glyceryl acrylate and acrylic acid copolymer





St.Ives Body Lotion Side Effects

St.Ives Body Lotion formula made with olive oil and vitamin E has no side effects. However, there’s the possibility of irritation from an oily skin user. Therefore, people with oily skin should minimize the usage of St.Ives Body Lotion.

Cost of St.Ives Body Lotion in Nigeria

A 400ml bottle of St.Ives Body Lotion costs 4,500 Nigerian Naira. However, the prices can be different due to location and the size of St.Ives Body Lotion purchased. 

The cream can also be found online. Therefore, you can choose to order your online either from Jumia or other popular cream stores online. 

  • Abdulbasit