White Secret Cream Side effects (Tested and Confirmed)

Undoubtedly, the White secret is one of the fastest effective lightening body lotions. If you doubt this, buy White secret cream today, use it for two weeks and come back to give me the feedback. Before we jump to the side effects of white secret cream let’s start with my own personal experience.

My Personal Experience with a White secret cream

First, I’ve been using white secret cream since 2020.

Back then, I don’t really care about which cream works better or not… so literally, I used any cream that comes my way. Since that time, white secret has become family body lotion. And I have several things I love about it, many of which I’ll cover in this review.

I’m telling you this to point out that I didn’t just start using white secret cream last week. I’ve been using the body lotion pretty much every day for the last 2 years.

Second, you may think I have any issue with them.

No: I don’t have any grudge against them in fact, I’ve never used any cream for as long as 2 years. At the same time, I do not have any official relationship with them.

To be clearer I just stop using it last month, while my mom still use it till now.

With those caveats out of the way, let’s get right into the review.

As usual, I don’t want to bore you with the story of how I came across White secret cream. But all I’ll say is I and Mom was using Caro tone cream before, then all of a sudden, she bought white secret cream home to replace the Caro tone cream we’ve been using for almost a year.

As someone that doesn’t care I picked mine I started using as soon as the Caro tone cream finished. I did not bother checking the mirror this time around because I wasn’t looking to see any changes.

But to my surprise after a week, I noticed my skin begins to lighten up. Wow, so quick? Although I’m a light-skinned person so I don’t really care about the effect.

And you know the next thing is people will start complimenting you “I love your cream” “What cream are you using? and all that. But whenever they ask and I respond “I’m using white secret cream” the next comment is always defensive. Please stop using it, the cream is not good.

Even though 80% of those people have never come in contact with it before just a “They say” thing. It got to a point I had to stop answering this set of people. But it doesn’t stop me from using it because it doesn’t do anything for me.

After 2 years of using it, this is what I found about White secret cream. Let’s start with where the wonderful soap originates from.

Before we get into my White secret cream review, I want to point out a few things.

White secret cream is made from Lome, Togo by the Rodis brand, a very popular company that has been around for over two decades now. This cream comes in different bottle sizes such as; 200ml, 300ml and 500ml. And most time I buy the smallest size.

This lotion works very fast in whitening the skin and it is relatively cheap when compared to other effective bleaching creams. The white secret has a very strong smell and can change colour.

Type Lightening body lotion
200ml price #950
Functions It lightens/brightens the skin
It clears black spots
It smoothens the skin
It helps get rid of pimples and acne
Competitors Caro tone
Caro white
Secret white
Clinic clear

Price: Cheaper than other lightening soap.

Effectiveness: It lightens the skin faster.

Why do you need a lightening cream?

If your face has been seriously dealt with by pimples that turn black spot or you want to lighten up your skin colour is probably a bit lighter than before.

The dangers of Investing in Lightening soap

To be candid, investing in lightening cream has its pros and cons. For example; Part of its benefit is that it lightens your skin as promised, works faster in some cases and in some cases make you feel proud among your friends.

But when you look at its danger, on the other hand, you’ll see it out-weighed the benefits. For example;

  1. Once you start you have to continue using it in order to maintain that skin color therefore, you’ll continue reinvesting in lightening soap till eternity which is a whole lot of money.
  2. The inability to choose the best lightening soap at a pick will make you go after several and several lightening soap which may actually damage your skin before you find the perfect one (although there is no perfect soap)
  3. No, going back! Even if you’re broke you just can’t to stop using lightening soap anytime you want (once the skin has adapted to it) else you may experience some reactions or change in skin color.

The best thing to do is learn how to make your own skincare product, be it cream, soap or oils.

White Secret Cream Ingredients

White secret cream is made of Vaseline Oil, petroleum jelly, aqua, Stearic Acid, Vitamin E, AHA, Silicone Oil, bht, Lorol c16, Lorol c18, Isopropyl Myristate, Carrot oil, Fragrance.

Although they wrote carrot oil on the wrap you can see any traces of oil in it when using, unlike Perfect glow which they have the same ingredients.

5 Side Effects of White Secret Cream

As with most lightening creams as I mentioned up there in The Dangers of Investing in Lightening Cream you just have to continue using them, else… meanwhile the continuous use of this cream is an expense on its own. Learn how to make your own cream in the comfort of your home. Learn it, use it, sell it.

As I’ve always said there is no cream that can cure pimples permanently so I did not put much attention to that. You’ll keep treating acne and pimple from time to time or better still prevent it by cleansing the body oil from time to time.

So, over a couple of years, these are the side effects I’ve experienced with secret white cream.

  1. It gives the skin an uneven color if not applied evenly
  2. It gives dark knuckles
  3. It makes the lips pink
  4. It brings out green veins
  5. It turns the face red when overused.

Can I Use White Secret Lotion on My Face?

Yes, you can use white secret lotion on your face and body. But it’s advisable you get a separate face cream because it is harsh on some faces.

Is White Secret Lotion a Bleaching Cream?

Yes, white secret is a bleaching/lightening body cream.

Does White Secret Cream Cause Stretch Marks?

No, white secret cream does not give the skin stretch marks.

Does White Secret Body Lotion Contain hydroquinone?

No, white secret does not contain hydroquinone. Although, this company made us believe there is no hydroquinone in this cream but it does work as if there is a greater lightening agent like hydroquinone.

Most especially when you compare its work with Perfect glow which they wrote the same ingredients on them.

How To Use White Secret Cream?

Press the bottle to force the cream out of the. Rub the cream on both palms till it is evenly dispersed, rub on the body and gently massage. If applying on the face you should apply evenly all over the face to give a uniform complexion. You may try and avoid extreme sunlight after use.

To save yourself from having dark knuckles, try scrubbing the knuckles before using the cream. Avoid contact with eyes and flush immediately with water in case of emergency.

How To Mix White Secret Cream?

Though I did not mix my own but on several occasions, I’ve come across people who mix white secret cream so as to reduce its effectiveness. You can also do this if you are afraid, it may be harsh on your skin.

Take two teaspoons of shea butter and mix with a bottle of white secret cream before use. Or you may consider putting a small quantity of shea butter on your hand alongside the white secret cream you want to apply to your body. Rub it together and apply.


The current price of the 200ml bottle of white secret is N950 in Nigeria, the medium size is N1250 and the big size is N1500. Although these prices are not constant and they may vary according to your location.

Where Can I buy White Secret Cream?

You can buy the original cream from a trusted or reputable cosmetics shop. The best place to buy it though is Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace.

How to know original white secret lotion?

The Original white secret cream has a white bottle with a red cover. Moreso, the original is made in Lome, Togo and not in Nigeria.

Things I like about White secret cream

  1. It lightens/brightens the skin
  2. It is very effective for black spot
  3. It removes blackheads
  4. It’s gentle on hand
  5. It treat pigmented skin and prevent the reappearance of dark taches
  6. You can see result as fast as a week

White secret cream: Things I didn’t like about it

  1. First, the choking scent that came out of it when you open it for the first time in a day is a total turn off for me
  2. It makes the face red and may give discoloration on the face
  3. A burning effect when it comes in contact with picked pimple
  4. Sometimes it treats pimple other time it brings more of it

White Secret Face Cream Review

When it comes to removing dark spots and lightening the skin, White Secret Dark Spot Remover, also known as White Secret Face Cream, is an excellent product. This dark spot removing cream brightens up the skin.

The cream is white in color and has a soft texture. It’s packaged in a compact box with a leather flap covering the container’s opening. So if the cover is broken or the seal is broken, don’t buy it. White secret face cream, on the other hand, is truly a miracle worker.

Apply white secret face cream at night or on days when you are not going to be exposed to the sun will give you an astounding outcome. In my own case, dark spots began to fade within a week of using it, and my skin began to look better overall. As a result of my regular breakouts of pimples, I had a darker complexion and multiple black spots on my face. Using this product completely eliminated all of my dark spots and evened out my skin tone.

Acne is not addressed by his white secret dark spot remover. Treat the pimples on their own, and then use this dark spot corrector on the scars they leave behind. Avoid the sun while applying this cream to your face.

White secret cream Review: Bottom Line

White secret lotion is indeed a good cream and in fact the fastest lightening cream I’ve ever used. There was a time it finished and I couldn’t get one on time. So, I started using another cream and in no time, I started getting darker. After a few weeks, I was forced to start using white secret again and in just a week my skin lightens up again.

Its fast effectiveness doesn’t make it flawless though, in fact, if you overuse it, you may get an uneven colour i.e. yellow and brown. When this happens, there is no other thing than to stop using it.

Now, I’d love like to hear from you

Now I want to hear about your experience with a White secret cream

What do you like about it?

What do you think they need to improve?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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