Low-key Person (All You Need To Know)

Being a low-key person is one of the best things I’ve ever trained myself for. As a low-key person, I don’t talk much about my ongoing project rather work towards having the best result.

Having a low-key person as a friend or partner can be sweet at the same time annoying. Imagine someone who always wants to keep everything about his secret, you can’t even predict his next move talkless of discussing your own view. "I want it low-key" he will say. Nevertheless, low-key people are the coolest.

In this article, we will be looking into what a low-key person is, the characteristics of a low-key person, how to deal with a low-key person, sweet things to do for a low-key person and lots more. Let’s get started!

Who is a Low-key Person?

Who is a low-key person?

The first thing to know is that there is a difference between an introvert and a low-key person. An introvert is a quiet, less sociable person that spends more time with his thoughts and ideas. While a low-key person is someone that believes in keeping secrets of his doings by involving few to no people. All introverts are low-key people, but not all low-key people are introverts.

How to tell someone is low-key a person

Now you know what a low-key person is, so, how do you know a person is a person? It’s rare to have someone tell you he is a low-key person. Most people will be giving you their rules and policies as the relationship between you grows older. But the following

  1. He doesn’t like you talking about your relationship to others: He get angry often when you talk about your relationship to others, he may even select some few people he trusts you can talk about it and once you tell someone outside this box, he tends to get angry.
  2. He prefers gifts rather than go outing: Since no one can tell who he will meet if he goes out, a low-key person don’t mind getting all he want delivered to his doorstep.
  3. He refuses to tell you his next move: Friends are one of the craziest being sometimes, yet most times they usually have your back and are good set of people you can tell anything to. But to a low-key person telling one is equal to telling the whole world. Thereby he will refuse to talk about his next move.
  4. He has less interest in talking about your others: This may seem uncommon but a low-key person shows less interest when you bring your friends matter up, it is just normal calculation- once you tell him about your friends you will tell your friends about him. When all he wants is me-you relationship.
  5. He prefers calls and chat rather than visit: As simple as it is, he can chat you all day long, calls and text messages, but visiting him may make him uncomfortable. Even if you call him in the midst of his friends, he will find a way to excuse himself so they won’t know who is talking to and what he is talking about.

Is it okay to have a low-key friend?

Having a low-key friend is not a bad idea. Yet it’s left totally left to you to choose what you desire, but I will walk you through with the following questions;

Are low-key person hard guys?

This is something a lot of girls are afraid of when it comes to having a low-key person as a partner. Are low-key people hard to understand or role with? or Do low-key boyfriends form hard guys?

Let me answer the latter before going to the former. If not all lots of low-key people do form hard guy, they believe they can handle everything themselves and thus may reject your offer to support or assist them. While it is very bad to be forming a hard guy, let pain be pain and cool be cool.

To the former question, are low-key people hard to understand? You may think it is difficult to understand a low-key person because of the way he keeps things. But not all things are likely the way you view them. You’ll only realise low-key people are very cool when you come closer to them. If you are feeling your low-key friend or boyfriend is hard to talk to, ask yourself, how accessible am I too? This is a relationship you need not form hard to get to each other rather work towards your Intimacy.

low-key person

Are low-key people boring?

Being low-key isn’t another word for boring. Low-key people are not boring they just want to keep things down low, unless you fall into the hand of a boring person. Though if you are not close to them you may see them as boring because of how quiet or unsociable they may be, if you come near them have good rapport you’ll realise low-key people are not generally boring.

Can a low-key friend make me happy?

Expecting much from anybody may get you disappointed. While it would be better if you are responsible for your own happiness and not depending on others, yet your low-key people can really make you happy by doing some sweet things necessary to have a good relationship.

Moreover, we all should be a source of joy and happiness to each other.

How to deal with a low-key person

You already know he or she is a low-key person, what remains is how you can cope with his kind of lifestyle. How you advise or talk to a low-key person may differ a little bit from other people because they may not seem to get along easily with your own way of life, most especially if what you offer involves publicity. Remember low-key people differs from introverts not that they are not sociable but just don’t like publicity.


Being a low-key person is part of maturity. It’s not a must to let everyone know you’re in working on something, sometimes the best thing is to work greatly on achieving your desired result without letting anyone know. And one good way you can easily achieve that is to keep it low-key.

Low-key people are cool, sweet, easy, fun and exciting to be with. They come up with great ideas and surprises. But, also remember having a low-key friend has its limitations too, such as no outing, forming strangers in public of which might quiet be awful.

Do you have a low-key friend? What do you love about him or her?

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